Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Bestest Pie Ever

So it turns out I have a problem with grains. Celiac disease has been ruled out, so the doctor was of the opinion that it is likely wheat allergy based on the many, many symptoms (though ones that develop slowly over weeks and at first glance seem unrelated to diet, which is why it took 30 bloody years to figure this out). I know rye causes trouble too though, so it's more than just wheat.

Anyway, be it an allergy or some kind of other sensitivity, wheat and other grains are out. It has been surprisingly easy to change to a grain-free diet and I don't miss bread, pasta or any of the rest. Also, I didn't even know it was possible for a person to feel so good, ache-free and full of energy as I do now. :P

There is one thing I that I miss though: baking. Not so much the baked goods themselves, but the baking process. Cooking food just isn't the same.

But now, finally, I have found a pie that I can bake and eat without fearing for the safety of my poor body. Plus it tastes way better than any regular flour-based pie I used to make. This is a pie of unprecedented deliciousness!

The original recipe I found at Luolalaboratorio (in Finnish) which I modified to suit my own nefarious purposes. Behold, the result!

It may not look like that much, but I'm telling you, this pie is pure <3
It's not just the best, it's the bestest.

The Bestest Pie Ever (12 slices)

4 eggs
3 ripe bananas
100 g (3 1/2 oz) melted and cooled butter
2 dl (a little less than a cup) coconut flour
2 tsp baking powder

4 dl berries of your choice (my fave is half raspberries and half blackcurrants)
2-2.5 dl (~1 cup) smetana/crème fraîche/sour cream/other similar, suitable substitute
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla sugar
(sugar or other sweet stuff, should you feel the need)

Whisk the eggs until fluffy. Mash up the bananas a bit, then add them and the butter to the eggs and mix some more. Mix the baking powder and coconut flour together, then stir in with the rest. When the batter is smooth, spread onto the bottom and sides of a pie tin. There should be enough room left in the middle to house all the berries, which go in next. Finally, quickly mix together the rest of the filling ingredients, then pour over the berries.

Bake at 200 °C (about 390 °F) for about half an hour. Let it cool for a bit, then serve. (It's deliciously moist on its own, but adding a spoonful of whipped cream can never go wrong, I say.)

Note! I use almost no sugar these days, so I find this pie to be very sweet as it is, thanks to the bananas and berries. Should you have more of a sweet tooth however, you may wish to add some sugar to the smetana/créme fraîche/sour cream/whatever mixture.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tiny Dragons - The 15th Batch

Another bunch of dragons has hatched, say hello to batch number 15!

From left to right:

#71. Pumpkin - orange and rusty orange
#72. Fergus - deep green and pale green
#73. Hardy - brown and moss green
#74. Celeste - cobalt blue and teal
#75. Carmine - red and brown

Here's how it works: Every now and then I make a batch of 5 dragons. Each dragon has a unique set of colours and they get a signed hatching certificate with their name, number and date.

When they're ready to list, I post an introduction on this blog like the one above. During the following few days, I'll list them in numerical order in my Etsy shop. Should you happen to spot one you must have, let me know and I can reserve it for you.
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