Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Finds: Where have I been?

So, the travelling mentioned in the last Tuesday Finds did happen, so suddenly that I had no time to talk about it much here. As I never even mentioned where we needed to go, I thought I'd arrange a little game, just for fun. The finds this week all have some connection to the city we visited, some more obvious than others. Can you guess what place this is?

Bright and colourful, I'm sure this lobster apron from Snappy Shop makes all that tedious kitchen toil much more fun.
($41, snappyshop.etsy.com)

I'm long-time fan of Uppity Woman Designs' sock critters (as well as of the name of the shop), so little Foxy here has no trouble stealing my heart.
($30, uppitywomandesigns.etsy.com)

Last up this week is another cute puppy, adventuring in Akira Endo's original painting titled 'Hold On'. Let's hope he can!
($30, AkiraEndo.etsy.com)

(PS: I may post photos from the trip towards the end of the week, if I can manage to get around to it.)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday Finds: Travel

It seems we may have an emergency last minute trip ahead of us soon. As I'm panicking a bit at the moment, I'll get onto this week's travel-themed Tuesday Finds without further ado.

So, travel. Well, one needs a passport (oh crap I need to get a new passport too *panics some more*). Passports aren't very pretty things, really, so a passport case would be a fun idea. This cute little one is made from cotton and linen by fellow Finn and Etsy seller Revontulitikku.
($14, revontulitikku.etsy.com)

One always ends up with so many tiny things one has to bring along. A travel pouch, such as this stylish one would be perfect. This pouch is available from chicken pox designs, another fellow Finn and Etsy seller.
($15, chickenpox.etsy.com)

Hmm, I wonder if I could bring a knitting project on the plane... On second thought, I suspect I'd probably get locked up somewhere as a terrorist, so maybe not this time. But! If that weren't a problem, then this funny travel-sized knitting needle case by ZigZagStitches would be my first choice.
($8, zigzagstitches.etsy.com)
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