Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Balcony Garden Grows

It occurred to me that I haven't posted anything about this summer's balcony plants yet. Oh noes! Time to fix this!

I'll start by showing the main flower box and how it's evolved over the past 3 months. This year I'm going for red and white, with a bit of yellow here and there. This box has red Petunias and a red Pelargonium (sorry, not sure what the English name for them is), together with white Lobelias (one of my faves).




Very pleased with how it's turned out, both colourwise and in shape. =)

I also got tomatoes this year too, since they were such a success last year. This time I have one bushy one like last year, and one new kind, a tall climby one. (Great scientific terms, eh? ;) The tall one shown below is almost as tall as me!

It may beat the tiny bushy one in size, but the little one was the first to produce a ripe tomato - spotted the first one today!
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