Thursday, August 08, 2013

Tiny Dragons - The 30th Batch

It's been a while, both since any news and more specifically since any dragon-related news, but now we have a whole bunch of newly-hatched tiny dragons ready for introductions! Say hello to batch 30!

From left to right:

#146. Leo - rusty orange and red
#147. Sylvanus - pale green and dark green
#148. Bianca - white and peach
#149. Heather - dark magenta and black
#150. Russel - teal and brown

Here's how it works: Every now and then I make a batch of 5 dragons. Each dragon has a unique set of colours and they get a signed hatching certificate with their name, number and date.

When they're ready to list, I post an introduction on this blog like the one above. During the following few days, I'll list them in numerical order in my Etsy shop. Should you happen to spot one you must have, let me know and I can reserve it for you.

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