Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Finds: Spring is Here

white flowers A few days ago, Mr Morrgan and I went out for a walk. It seems spring has finally arrived - the sunshine feels warmer, the birds have begun to fill the air with their songs and there's even a bit of colour from a few brave flowers. I remembered my camera for once and took a few shots.

As I was editing these photos for the blog, I realized it's Tuesday and figured I could combine it with a Tuesday Finds post. Oh man, when was the last one of those? Time flies lately. Well, after all these photos you'll find a few picks of the week, inspired by this walk and its delights.

yellow daffodils
But before those, I have to show you my pride and joy for the moment. I finally got my hands on an Easter Cactus! *happy sigh* Just don't ask me what the scientific name is; according to one source it's a Hatiora, another says it's a Rhipsalidopsis, a third claims Schlumbergera... I give up. I'll just call it A Pretty.

orange easter cactus

Now, the finds! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves this time.

Meadow Bowl
$60, chocolatefrog.etsy.com

Set of 3 bangle bracelets
$9.99, craftychick101.etsy.com

Ornamental scarf with brooch
$35, tijusai.etsy.com
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