Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A mysterious envelope arrived yesterday and in it was this mysterious note! The small text says "Here you have a cd." And there was indeed a cd inside.

This must be one of the coolest envelopes I have ever received. The note alone has had me giggling like a silly person for a day and a half.

This mysterious package was sent by my brother, Man of Mystery and Muahahaa. He went to the release party of the CD in the envelope, How's the Heart by Sofie Björkgren-Näse - check out the artist's MySpace page for a few songs!

Bro, you're all kinds of awesome. <3

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day of crafty fun (and arty, and antique-y, and so on)

Yes, I still live! I've just been busy with, oh, lots of stuff. All sorts of stuff. *sigh* Mostly my day job, though, which is a bit tricky to combine with my knitting shops. *another sigh* But I'm not complaining, really, as I do like both. There's just not much time for anything else at times. ;)

I did manage to get some happy happy fun time in this weekend, with a visit to a big handicrafts fair here in Turku. It was combined with other themes as well, such as art, antiques and old toys. Mr Morrgan came along and his favourite bit was, surprisingly, the handicrafts part, although he also enjoyed the electric trains, which were set up and buzzing around on a big table, and a few neat veteran cars that were on display.

My main goal was of course yarn. However, I didn't bring a single ball of yarn home. I'm not sure how this happened. Something must have malfunctioned in my brain.

handmade cotton ladybug bath sponge organic candy and felted flower ring Mr Morrgan and I did find several neat things though, such as the ones shown in this photo here. The bath sponge ladybug is handmade, as is the lovely orange flower which is actually a felted ring. I'm not sure about the candies, but I understand it is a small company that makes them and at least the liquorice is organic. The other two flavours we got are ginger and sea-buckthorn. Both are really yummy, yummier perhaps than one might expect from the name alone, and the liquorice is just awesome!

As luck would have it, we also found the exact same jumbo coffee cups as the one I broke the day before from one of the antiques tables. Very lucky, as these are no longer available in stores but are too recent to be found in antiques shops very often. So now I can enjoy my half a liter of coffee every morning again and Mr Morrgan is no longer grumpy at me about the broken cup. We're a couple of lucky ducks, oh yes.

I'd like to say I'll be posting more often from now on, but really, I can't promise that'll happen. In addition to the work-related stuff, we're now looking at buying a place to live, so free time will be in short supply. Exciting times, though!
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