Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays

Well well, it's about that time of year again. Soon, most likely tomorrow morning Finn time, I'll close up the shops and take a break for Christmas and New Year's. I probably won't read emails and messages while the shops are closed and this is the last blog post of the year too.

So, this break includes pretty much all of the internet - I want to take time to recharge my batteries and spend time with family.

Happy holidays and see you again next year!

PS: Should you get an uncontrollable urge to knit a creature of mine during the holidays, my Ravelry pattern shop will stay open.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday is my Day

Ever wonder what a day in the life of Morrgan looks like? Well, now you can find out!

Friday is my day: Morrgan

Big thanks to Heli for inviting me over to her blog for a day! Check out her Etsy shops: HeliS and helisengezer.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How long to make a sweater, I wonder

Mr Morrgan was complaining about having an insufficient amount of warm sweaters the other day. This jogged my memory and I remembered that he'd received a big pile of yarn as a Christmas present, together with the promise that I'd make a sweater out of it. That was 2 years ago. Oops.

It's about time he got his sweater, then! It'd be funny to wrap up the finished sweater as a gift this year. "Remember this?"

I'm about to finish the back, but I still need to remake the front and knit both sleeves. And there's, oh, 8 days until Christmas eve? This'll be interesting race against time. Wish me luck!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Introducing Marigold the Moose

A sweet knitted moose called Marigold. Marigold the Moose

Marigold the Moose got her name because marigolds are her favourite flowers. To eat, that is. She likes to keep one behind her ear as an emergency snack!

A sweet knitted moose called Marigold. Marigold's history
Who would have guessed that making a moose could cause so many unexpected problems?

One day I started knitting a moose, and while knitting I was pondering a suitable name. "Marigold" popped into my head. Perfect! Mr Morrgan also thought the name would suit a moose and suggested that she got the name for liking marigolds so much for lunch. Even more perfect!

After that it was settled. The moose called was Marigold.

Only a little later did it occur to me that a lady moose doesn't have antlers. D'oh! Some biologist I am. By this time it was too late. The name Marigold was so perfect it had to stay. I decided she just belongs to a special species of plush moose, where every individual has antlers. So there.

The second uh-oh occured when I was trying to place the ears. I put them between the antlers. ...No, that didn't look right. I put them behind the antlers. Nope, didn't work either. I put them below. Still looked wrong.

There was only one way to solve this: searching for moose pictures online! I discovered something interesting. Plush moose often have the ears below the antlers, whereas live moose have them behind and often showing between the antlers. No wonder I had trouble placing them.

After the gender/antler trouble from before, I felt my integrity as a biologist (ahem) would suffer too much if I'd bend reality twice for the same creature. Hence Marigold's ears are behind and between the antlers, unlike most other plush moose.

Marigold the Moose is available as a pattern via Ravelry (or click here to buy now - no Ravelry account needed) and from my Etsy shop.

Marigold is an intermediate level pattern. Marigold is knitted both flat and in the round, with the stitches knit, purl, lifted increases, knit/purl 2 together and slip stitch over. I-cord knitting is used for the flower (the pattern has brief instructions on how to do that).

Want to see more creature introductions?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Finds: Relaxing

I have just edited my Etsy shop listings. All 103 of them. All. Day. Long. My eyes hurt, my neck hurts and my brain is fried after so long by the computer.

Sounds like right about now would be the perfect time to curl up in my favourite comfy chair with a warm blanket, a good book, a cup of cocoa and a giant giraffe. Yup.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Creative Space: Progress on the Secret Project! Also, a Moose!

Work on the Secret Project continues! Last time I had the problem of figuring out how to stuff it - well, my mom came to my rescue, as moms tend to do.

She found in storage an old foam mattress I could take, wash and use. (Actually, she did the washing too. Yay!) A fine solution methinks. Always good to recycle something that isn't needed.

The mattress was 5 cm (2") thick, so I had to cut out and shape several layers to create the needed shape.

Fortunately the material was easy to work with using scissors. Such things are not my strong suit and sure, the surface could have been evened out more, but it doesn't show on the outside of the knitted piece.

So, the little dude is taking shape and I'm ridiculously pleased with how it's turning out. I've knitted 19 pieces so far, so there's still a few more to go. Maybe next week you can see him finished, in his proper place on our couch! Still a chance to guess what this is until then. :)

In other crafty news, here's is a sneak peek of a little knitted moose lady:

Her name is Marigold and I've been working on her pattern this week. The pattern should be ready soon, and once it is she will get a full introduction on this blog! Stay tuned!

Want to see the creative spaces of others? Head on over to Kootoyoo's blog for a look!

(PS: There's a SALE at my Etsy shop! Check out this post for details!)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALE

Now here's something that doesn't happen every day. Or month. Or even year. It is...

*drum roll*


Use the coupon code BFCM2010 at the Morrgan's Creatures Etsy shop for 10% off all purchases from now until Nov 29th!

As Etsy recently unveiled its new coupon code feature and Black Friday/Cyber Monday was coming up, I couldn't resist trying it out. It's in fact only my 2nd sale ever, so this kind of opportunity doesn't come around very often!

I know, I know, it isn't Friday yet. The code won't be announced at the Etsy shop until tomorrow evening, but it's valid starting now and I wanted my dear blog readers and Twitter followers to hear it first!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Finds: Let It Snow

Yay for snow! It's finally snowed enough around here that I can look outside and see the ground covered with white fluffy stuff. So refreshing after the grey and slush of autumn. Inspired by this, here's a selection that reminds me of the pretty snow of winter in one way or another.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Magnetic Creatures: Bunnies!

How long have I been planning to make magnetic bunnies again? Hmm. I may not have mentioned it here, but it's been a while. And here they finally are!

There's two kinds of bunny magnets available from my Etsy shop, fluffy beige mohair bunnies and white wool ones. (Well, will be available - right now there's only a fluffy one, but a white one will be listed soon.) As with most of my magnets, they're made with a crafty mix of mostly knitting, a little bit of crochet and some sewing things together.

I'm quite pleased with these little guys. I hope you like them too!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Finds: Here Kitty Kitty

This week we're celebrating my cousin's cat Viiru's return to his family, after having been missing for 5 weeks - a lot thinner and dirtier, but ok. Welcome home, Viiru!

(Mr Morrgan suspects poor Viiru had much the same expression as Mariska's Boris below while missing.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space: The Seeeeecret Project, part 2

As promised, here's another preview of what I'm working on! (See the previous one here.)

I've got 16 pieces ready (probably need another dozen or so), so the project has been progressing pretty well. Until now, that is. I've hit a snag. The main body of this is meant to be a square-ish shape. That will not happen if I try to fill it with the usual polyfill, alas.

So, I've been hunting high and low for something suitable, but no luck so far. I want something with structure to it that I can shape it, but still soft enough to be a cuddly plushie. Some sort of foam, perhaps. Any ideas?

This material sourcing problem means you still have time to guess what this might become! Plenty more hints this time. Does anyone want to try? :)

Want to see the creative spaces of others? Head on over to Kootoyoo's blog for a look!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I'm on Ravelry!

Yes, it's true. I have finally signed up for Ravelry, as Morrgan (surprise surprise). Are you there? Come by and say hi!

If you're not there, you might have noticed that you need an account to see my profile. You may also be wondering what Ravelry is. Well, it's a place for knitters, crocheters and other types of yarn addicts to meet up and chat, share ideas and what they're working on, offer patterns (free or for sale), etc. Might be worth a look if you're interested in such!

I've added some of my patterns there for sale already (including these triceratopses) and will be adding them all eventually.

(Oh, and so far no correct guesses on what my latest project is. Next week you'll get either another update and chance to guess, or the answer, depending on how fast I'll be knitting. Stay tuned!)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Creative Space: A preview

This week I've been working on something for myself. I'm not going to say what it is yet, but I'll show you a little preview. If I can make it exactly like I picture it in my head, it's going to be pretty cool. It's kind of a fun test of my skills. ;)

So, who or what might this become? Anyone want to take a guess?

Want to see the creative spaces of others? Head on over to Kootoyoo's blog for a look!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Introducing Clive the Chilly Giraffe

turquoise and teal knitted and crocheted giraffe with red and white scarf by Morrgan
turquoise and teal knitted and crocheted giraffe by Morrgan Bored of the heat and eager to see more exotic surroundings, Clive the giraffe left the savannah and traveled north to temperate forests. At first everything was just as he'd dreamed - plenty of trees to nibble on, pleasantly warm without being hot.

Then it got a bit colder. Then all the leaves fell down. And then it got absolutely freezing.

turquoise and teal knitted and crocheted giraffe by Morrgan So here's poor Clive enduring winter, so chilly that he's turned blue, trying to keep warm in his red scarf. Let's hope the scarf keeps him from getting a cold - with a neck that long, a sore throat would not be fun!

Clive is available as a pattern via Ravelry (or click here to buy now - no Ravelry account needed) and from my Etsy shop.

Want to see more creature introductions?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Finds: Ancient Olive Tree Project

This week's Tuesday Finds are a bit different. I'd like to bring you to the world of Frances Melhop - a world of fairytales, dreams and surreal imagery.

Frances has suddenly been given the chance to travel from New Zealand to Italy and begin what she calls the Ancient Olive Tree Project, which is something she's been dreaming of for 10 years. Her plans include old school photography of these magical olive trees, an exhibition and hopefully a book with these photos, local recipes and spooky stories by Italian grandmothers. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, because it was such a sudden opportunity, funding is a problem and she needs your help! Read more about the project and its progress on Frances' Kickstarter page.

Below is a small collection of her images, which fits my current mood, but there's much more to her work than what's shown here. Take a look at her website or Etsy shop for more!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who wants a pet AT-AT?

As some of you may have noticed, I'm a bit of nerd.

Okay, okay - so I'm actually a rather huge nerd. I *did* spend all that time when I was last ill in bed reading up on Star Wars trivia on Wookiepedia, after all. (In fact, I believe I reached a whole new level of nerdiness by learning about the seven classic forms of lightsaber combat. *sigh*)

However, I do not think you need to be that much of a nerd to appreciate this funny little video. Take a look!

I want a pet AT-AT!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Knitting tip: Two-handed Fair Isle technique

Today I bring you a quick knitting tip.

Are you a knitter? Do you like to knit Fair Isle patterns? Then this video is for you!

Basically you knit with two colours, using both the English/American and the Continental/European styles of knitting; holding one colour in your left hand and the other in your right hand. This way the yarns are kept separate and do not tangle, and the whole process is quicker. It's brilliant.

The only problem now is that I'd have to learn the English way of knitting, which seems overly complicated and slower compared to the Continental. This is the best reason I've found for giving it a try, though.

(Maybe you've heard of this technique before? If so, why haven't you told me? :D)
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