Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tiny Dragons - The 31st Batch

Today we meet the last batch of tiny dragons for the year 2013, batch number 31!

From left to right:

#151. Tobias - mint and bright turquoise
#152. Miriam - peach and dark magenta
#153. Rudolf - moss green and deep green
#154. Meredith - rusty orange and dark purple
#155. Linda - creamy white and pale yellow

Here's how it works: Every now and then I make a batch of 5 dragons. Each dragon has a unique set of colours and they get a signed hatching certificate with their name, number and date.

When they're ready to list, I post an introduction on this blog like the one above. During the following few days, I'll list them in numerical order in my Etsy shop. Should you happen to spot one you must have, let me know and I can reserve it for you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Totoro, To-tooooo-ro!

Today I'm posting about something rather unusual. Unusual because:

  1. I made something for myself
  2. I actually followed a pattern (*gasp*) made by someone else (*gasp!*) for once
  3. I used so called stranded knitting (or Fair Isle knitting)

First of all, have you seen My Neighbor Totoro? If not, go see it! Go see it now!

Today's post is about Totoro himself, that adorable giant spirit of the forest. Or rather, how one can depict him in the form of knitted mittens. A friend of mine mentioned she was working on a pair of Totoro mittens and as soon as I saw pictures on Ravelry, I just had to try making a pair for myself!

I say "try", because stranded knitting is not something I have used very much. One could say this was a learning experience. To be honest I had to unravel my first attempt and start again, because the mitten turned out too tiny. I got there in the end, though!

I used a blend of alpaca, wool and acrylic; one of my favourite yarns at the moment, both to knit with and to wear. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but boy, I definitely need to practice stranded knitting!

So, now I'm all set for winter to roll in, my hands protected by warm and fuzzy Totoros. If you want to make a pair of Totoro mittens for yourself, then check out brella's pattern on Ravelry!

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