Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally finished!

Just as spring is beginning to poke its nose into our days, I finish my winter sweater project. Typical. But, knowing what Finnish spring is like, I'll have use for this sweater still.

This isn't the one I mentioned previously in this blog; that one is still half done and will probably be something to finish for next winter. This one is a romantic, frilly thing, shaped like an oversized bolero. It's fun feeling all girly for once.

This must be the first item of clothing I have ever knitted by following a pattern, I just couldn't resist the photos I saw. (I managed to find it online too, but it's all in Swedish and doesn't look like the pattern itself is available there anyway.) It's made from 75 % wool/25 % polyamide yarn in a lovely green shade and it's aaaall mine.

Feels good to have a bigger project finished.
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