Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Finds: It's Snowing!

We finally have snow here! Lovely, lovely snow! So what if there's about half a centimeter of it at most (that's less than 1/4 inch for the non-metrics out there), in a pathetic few random spots. It's still SNOW!

So, I suppose you can conclude two things now. One: I'm easily excited. Two: this week's Tuesday Finds theme is snow!

With this oh so plentiful snow gracing the streets with its presence, it simply won't do to head out into town without proper accessories. This one-of-a-kind Ice-Girl handbag, made from recycled materials by Garbagebag would be perfect for the occasion.
($59, Garbagebag.etsy.com)

Perhaps I haven't fully grown up yet, but the first thing I think of when it's snowing is making snowmen (or snowdinosaurs, or snowmonsters...). Jenn Maruska Design offers a set of five truly adorable ones in the shape of holiday ornaments.
($25 for set of 5, JennMaruskaDesign.etsy.com)

The last one this week is the gorgeous Snow Queen Coronet, featuring delicate seed bead icicles, made by Blue Marmalade & Red Sky. If only it had been available at the time of my own winter wedding!
($240, BlueMarmalade.etsy.com)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Scarves for everyone!

The infrequent posts continue. It's surprising how quickly you get tired when your lungs aren't working properly, I just haven't had the energy to write. But anyway, I didn't start writing to whine, I started writing because I wanted to show you something!

My last showoff was a scarflette and this post continues on the same track. I found a lovely grey yarn that simply demanded to be turned into neckwear.

I first knitted this scarflette, which I'm very pleased with. Its cable pattern is my own design, inspired by Celtic and Viking knotwork. It's one I've used before, for example in this headband. I shall no doubt use it again, for it's one of my favourites.

When eagerly knitting neckwear, one mustn't forget about the monsters. This monster scarf was the second one I made. It's similar to its red cousin, but the materials are different.

I have a red cabled neckwarmer on the way and many more designs fizzing in my head. I don't know where this sudden fascination with neckwear came from, but I may as well make the most of it while it lasts!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Finds: Cute Cards

I've been a bit ill lately (hence the infrequent blog posts), so to cheer me up, I looked up some cute cards for this week's Tuesday Finds.

Starting things off this week is this lovely birthday card. Reproduced from a painting by MamaRobot, it shows a birdie and a bunny throwing a party for their kitty friend. I had a tough time choosing just one card to show off, check out MamaRobot's shop for more cuteness!
($4, MamaRobot.etsy.com)

Looking for a sweet card for a special someone for the holidays? This kissing reindeer card by Thumbelina Card Company would be perfect! Each card is individually drawn and fingerprinted.
($5, ThumbelinaCardCo.etsy.com)

The last feature for the week is the perfect card for a knitter like me. 'Two Plus Yarn Equals Love', reproduced from a painting by Laurie Nadeau and sold at Bamboo Village Press, is one of the most adorable things I've seen!
($7.50 for set of 2, BambooVillagePress.etsy.com)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The shy one shows himself!

The shy one in my yarn finally came out of hiding and agreed to a few photos. Here he is, tiny Batty Bat!

Ever since I made Phoebe, I've wanted to make a tiny bat as well. Tiny Batty is the result and tiny he is, at a mere 3.5 cm (1 3/8 in) tall. Batty is made from acrylic yarn with a mix of knitting and crochet. He's now available in my Etsy shop too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Finds: Flowers

I've been looking around Etsy and I keep finding Christmas presents for my Mom; all these lovely flowery things I think she'd like. Inspired by them, this week's Tuesday Finds theme is flowers.

(Mamma, if you're reading this, let me know if I'm on the right track. ;)

This beautiful necklace with glass flowers immediately caught my attention. Both the flower beads and the necklace itself are made by glasfaden. The necklace is named 'Sunset Sky', after the lovely colours which go together so well.
($42, glasfaden.etsy.com)

Foundling makes these poppy pins out of recycled silky fabrics. I absolutely adore them, they just look so sweet and delicate. The flowers are also available as hairpins and in other colours as well.
($6, foundling.etsy.com)

The last feature for this week is this stunning necklace and earrings set, called 'Garden of Eden', by Star of the East. I guarantee wearing this will bring lots of attention!
($130, staroftheeast.etsy.com)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Camera shy, is he?

Oh my! Who is this this little guy, hiding among my yarn?

I'm sure I can coax him out in the open soon, just need to find some suitable treat for him. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's woolly with pretty flowers?

I've got a new design to show you today. Knitted from a soft merino wool in blue and beige, this scarflette features my usual gradual stripes and a crocheted flower design I came up with some years back. The flowers serve as both decoration and buttons used to keep the whole thing together.

I'm quite happy to have a more feminine design for once, instead of more things with big teeth and eyes.

The scarflette is available in my Etsy shop, where you can also see more photos of it!

Friday, November 09, 2007

I've been busy!

Here's the reason why I haven't updated the blog for a few days.

Want one of your own? They're available in my section for Sweet Little Creatures.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Finds: Autumn Trees

The weather here has definitely taken a turn for the worse. Rain, strong winds, gray skies... Ick. The only thing cheering me up on the way home was seeing all those trees in their lovely yellow and red autumn colours. Inspired by them, this week's Tuesday Finds is all about pretty autumn trees!

This gorgeous October Tree by Sixth & Elm was my first choice. This sculpture is made entirely out of copper wire and seed beads. If you're curious, the story behind this tree can be found on Sixth & Elm's blog.
($115, SixthandElm.etsy.com)

The same bright colours I enjoyed on my walk back home today can be seen in this reproduction of a beautiful watercolour painting, titled The Turning, by Jelly Beans.
($12, jellybeans.etsy.com)

The stormy winds today made sure I also came across trees like the ones in this Funky Forest pendant by The Intuitive Garden. I love the flowing shapes of the branches and trunks!
($16, TheIntuitiveGarden.etsy.com)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chocolate and teal, yum!

Yes, it's another one of my stripey pairs of fingerless gloves! This pair has stylish cables too, not to mention the delicious combo of teal and dark chocolate brown. Mmmm... Stripes, cables, teal and chocolate - what more could one ask for? I'm tempted to keep this pair for myself, I'm that happy with them.

Knitted from a pleasant wool/polyamide blend with 5 needles, as usual, and available in my Etsy shop! For now...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Run! It's a man-eating plant!

Well ok, there's not really any need to run just yet. This little guy is still a small sapling and doesn't even have real teeth yet. So he'll just look really adorable as he tries to chew on your arm.

Hannibal is also quite a friendly little guy, despite the ferocious reputation of this particular species of man-eating plant. He'll do very well on ham-and-cheese sandwiches, with the occasional fly thrown in for extra protein - just look at his chubby stem.

I must say, knitting little Hannibal was the most fun I've had for a long time! I was giggling like a madwoman the whole time, imagining having a man-eating plant as a pet. Yeah, I'm a bit weird like that. I got the idea from a stylized logo hubby made some time back, although he ended up looking very little like the logo.

Hannibal is made with both knitting and crochet from a soft acrylic yarn, and he's a whole 23 cm (9 inches) tall. He's already been listed in my Etsy shop, so you can take a look there for more photos. I'll also have a pattern available soon!
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