Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Finds: Pillows

My apologies for seemingly disappearing for a couple of weeks. The final rush of the holiday season has kept me a busy girl indeed, but now things are starting to slow down again and I can sit back, relax and revive the other, sorely neglected parts of my life. I shall start by bringing about this week's Tuesday Finds!

A good night's sleep would be welcome after the past couple of weeks, mmmmm. So, it's only natural that the theme I ended up with this week is pillows.

Simple but stylish. That's what this beautiful flowering pillow is. These pillows are sewn by hand by Julianna Holowka and are available in a few more colours in her shop.
($120, julih32.etsy.com)

Absoluut's shop is full of pillow covers made from great vintage fabrics, in all sorts of colours and patterns. It's nigh impossible to choose one favourite, but as I have to for this feature, I picked this one. The colours are delicious!
($25, absoluut.etsy.com)

While on the topic of pillows, there's no way I could leave out brokesy's creations. Her attack! pillows, such as the set with a yeti chasing a poor lemming, are just awesome. Be sure to head on over to her shop to pick out your own fave among the variations on the theme.
($200, brokesy.etsy.com)


StaroftheEast said...

Cool pillows!

Heli said...

Those attack pillows are just S U P E R! :)

ArtMind said...

I'm in love with the Yeti pillows! :)

glasfaden said...

Poor lemming.. I love that yeti chasing him, as his eyes look so great ;-)

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