Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Finds: On a Quest for Greenery

Last week I took a good look at the few plants we have in the house. These must be the toughest, hardest house plants the world has ever seen, for they have endured years of my neglectul "care".

I felt sorry for the poor things and decided to make life better for them. I dug out my plant book (for I do have such a thing, just haven't read it much) and read up on not only how to better care for the ones I have but also checked if there are plants out there which might actually thrive on my forgetful watering. There are, actually, so I got a few of them and will do my best from now on to keep them alive. In honour of my long-suffering super plants, this week's Tuesday Finds is all about plants.

This grouchy pot by JMN Pottery would be a good match for one of the aloes I got. It's just as green and spiky. Then again, it's quite possible the planter would run away on those legs together with the aloe, to find a better place somewhere far, far away from me.
($100, JMNPOTTERY.etsy.com)

Ahhhh, moss. So soft and green and pretty. And normally such a bad choice for someone like me, who waters once or maybe twice a month, but a handy moss terrarium from Made by Mavis sounds like a solution to the problem. According to the description, it "will take care of itself". Perfect!
($28, madebymavis.etsy.com)

If I fail at my quest to make my plants happy, there are still ways to keep some kind of greenery around. Greenery that doesn't need watering. Perhaps something one can wear, like this lovely felted flower necklace by Lana de Flor.
($54, lanadeflor.etsy.com)


Sara said...

I love that grouchy pot!

Kreativlink said...

Gosh! Me too! I want this grouchy pot!

ArtMind said...

I love the moss terrariums! I want one! :)

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