Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Creative Space

One word to describe the current winter here: dark. Dark when I wake up and look through the window, dark when it's time to head home from the day job. There's no snow to brighten everything up yet.

This explains why the photo I took early this morning of my workspace is so dark.

Morrgan's packing desk
One of the main joys of the new apartment is that I have a desk of my own for packing up orders. Yay! All the packing materials in order in one place, ready to go. Lately my morning routine has been to grab the obligatory big cup of coffee and sit down to check my online shops. If there are orders, I pack them up before I head off to work, having a sip of my coffee now and then, so that I can drop them off at the post office on the way home. This morning there were two orders to take care of.

(As a little related factoid, my "desk" (or actually a chiffonier according to Wikipedia) is a special piece of furniture to me, as when I turned 18 it was handmade for me by my uncle, on the request of my grandmother.)

Want to see the creative spaces of others too? Head on over to kootoyoo's blog!


Kreativlink said...

This looks like a very comfy place! :D

Star of the East said...

I don't think I could cope with all the darkness :(

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