Saturday, August 04, 2012

New in August

I got hit by inspiration and I've been knitting & crocheting my little fingers off these past few days, plus I've finished a whole bunch of items that were almost done. (You know, the kind that piles up with just a few ends to sew in or a little bit of assembly to do. For some reason I end up with a lot of those.)

Wanna see what's coming to my Etsy shop this month? I think this time I'll show some familiar designs, now in new exciting colours! Well, I certainly found the colours exciting to work with. =)

I went mad and bought a bunch of pink yarn. (Pink? Pink?? I never buy pink!) Something about these pink hues were completely irresistable, though, and I have to admit that this dark pink in particular makes a fine octopus.

Behold, an array of colourful monsters! Brand new colours for the good old monster scarves, still as soft and cuddly as ever.

These guys will show up in the shop during August, so keep an eye out for them!

And finally, to balance out some of this monstrous silliness, I bring you a sneak peek of something I'm working on right now. Something feather-light, ethereal and luxurious...


cookalotje said...

That looks like a Horai scarf! Easy to knit and so incredibly pretty! Enjoy!

Morrgan said...

Thanks! My scarf isn't knitted though, it's crocheted. :) I looked up the Horai scarf, it does look pretty!

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