Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Grand North American Adventure, part 1: Inauspicious Beginnings

As you may have guessed from the sky photos last week, I spent my autumnal break travelling. Yes indeed, Mr Morrgan and I embarked on a grand North American adventure! First we spent a little under a week in the Boston area on the east coast of USA, then headed up north to Ottawa (and Montréal) in Canada.

Hello America!
Our trip did not begin too well. We were scheduled for a total of three flights, Turku -> Stockholm, Stockholm -> Frankfurt and Frankfurt -> Boston. Well. Our first flight ended up being so late that we arrived at Stockholm airport at the time our next flight was leaving. Much frantic running about with a generally helpless and lost appearance ensued, until a lovely lady managed to get us rebooked for a flight to the US, though to New York, and from New York to Boston.

During our trip, we appreciated literature!
Naturally the gate for this flight was at the other end of the airport, so we once again had to run to make it to our new flight (as it turned out, running would become the theme of this trip). We made it on the flight, though! Alas, our luggage did not. Nor did the information that I needed gluten free food.

We appreciated art!
We arrived in New York well on time and entered the huge security check queue on the way to our final flight, looking at the time and saying silly things like "Oh, we have half an hour. We'll make it through this checkpoint easy."

And history!
Haha, haha, haha. 25 minutes later we were nowhere near the end of the queue. After some more frantic helplessness an attendant let us go through the VIP line to get straight to the security check, but it was in vain. By the time we reached the gate, our plane was taking off. How eerily familiar!

Aaaaaand architecture!
Once again our flight was rescheduled. Interestingly, despite this disaster of a flight, we ended up arriving in Boston only an hour or so late. Sadly, our luggage didn't, so the next day was mostly spent hunting for socks and underpants.

Also, a wee bit of the night life!
Oddly enough, not that many photos were taken over the course of almost 2 weeks, but nonetheless I found I have too many for one blog post, or even two. A total of three posts full of photos is needed to fully describe this adventure, so stay tuned for parts 2 (USA) and 3 (Canada)!

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Juanita said...

Thank goodness you had your camera with you!

Gah... travelling to / within the US has become such a pain. You need a few hours of clearance, at least!!!
But what an adventure it must have been, and there were quite a few nice souls to help you guys out along the way!

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