Friday, June 28, 2013

Introducing Konrad the Cognitive Panda

a clever cognitive knitted panda called Konrad

Konrad is a scientifically inclined panda. He especially likes numbers. Give him a sufficiently tricky mathematical problem and he’ll be entertained for hours.

Unusually enough, the main problem with Konrad was figuring out a suitable adjective for his logical nature. Intelligent? Smart? Cogent? Cerebral? Perspicacious?

As I may have mentioned before, while I work on a design I have many hours of knitting when my hands are busy but my brain is idle. Often my mind begins to create a story for the creature I'm designing, so that at the end the complete design also includes a personality. It's important to me that the adjective, if there is one, fits the creature I have made.

For Konrad, many, many alternatives were found with the help of a thesaurus and my walking dictionary, Mr Morrgan, but none of them seemed a perfect fit. Then eventually Mr Morrgan suggested "cognitive" and everything fell into place. Konrad finally had the right word to describe him!

Konrad is available as a pattern via Ravelry (or click here to buy now - no Ravelry account needed), Craftsy and from my Etsy shop.

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