Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Knitting + Nerdery + Christmas = Awesome Ornaments

Most of November and December was spent completing orders and making Christmas gifts, but now that things have started to wind down for the year, I've had time to work on personal stuff. A friend of mine mentioned making knitted Christmas ornaments and I really liked the idea. The only problem was that the usual Christmas decor didn't seem right for Mr Morrgan and me. It didn't take long for a suitable idea to pop into my head, though. What better theme for a pair of long-time gaming nerds than old school gaming geekery!

Knitted Space Invaders christmas ornaments by Morrgan

The first imagery to come to mind was an old classic; the aliens from Space Invaders. It's as if these guys were designed to dance around in a circle in ornament form. And no, I'm not quite old enough to have played this back in the day, though I have some vague memories of having played a remake at some point.

A knitted Doom 2 cacodemon called Coco by Morrgan

Doom 2, however, I did play back when it came out. We didn't have a PC at home at the time, so I spent many, many school breaks playing it on one of the school computers. Ahh, fun times. Mr Morrgan played (and still plays) it way more than me though, and it was he who suggested I make this guy. He's called Coco the Cacodemon and he's a bit grumpy because I left out his ability to shoot lightning balls when I made him. Thought it'd be safer that way. Don't want a tree on fire for Christmas!

Next up will be another familiar floating face from Doom 2, the pain elemental, possibly a few of his lost soul buddies and finally a bit of D&D nerdery in the form of a Beholder. Then we'll have the most awesome tree in the neighbourhood!

(Note to self: need a tree.)

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DemyBlackDesign said...

Lovely balls! Very original!

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