Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I do still have fish, by the way

I realized it's been AGES since I posted anything to do with my fishies. This was probably the last post and that's over four years ago! Whoops!

Well, first of all, the big tank is still around! Here's how it looks nowadays:

Many of the fish from the old post are still around, but one major change is that the tank is now also home to a trio of kissing gouramis, two natural green ones and one pink piggy. The green ones arrived not long after the previous post, so they're about 4 years old now, but the pink one is a bit younger with a mere 3 years.

This is Alpha Lips, also known as Känkkäränkkä or Känkkis among friends, showing off his impressive lips. As the name suggests, he (or she?) is the boss of the group and of the whole upper half of the tank. This guy is incredibly curious about his surroundings, as are the other two kissies. When I walk past the tank in the morning, Känkkis is always there in the nearest corner to say good morning. When we have guests over he can barely contain himself from all the exitement. If he were a dog he'd be the kind that jumps all over everyone. People! Yay!

You'll recognize Fishmeat the red-finned shark from the old post, he's about 5 years old now and still as handsome as ever. This is Känkkis' nemesis, and Känkkis is Fishmeat's. They have a kind of truce going on, where Känkkis rules the upper half, while the bottom is Fishmeat's kingdom. Here they're both at the border of their respective domains, hence the reasonably peaceful picture.

Here's Mr Kissington on the right, the other green kissing gourami. Along with Känkkis of course, who is too curious about what's going on to stay out of the photos.

He doesn't get to visit the bottom of the tank much though, Fishmeat makes sure of that! Hence this is the only Känkkis-free photo in this set. These guys, posing so nicely in a row for me, are three of my horseface loaches (I'm sure you can see where they get the name). The big one in the back was in the previous set of photos too, he's the the oldest at more than 7 years and is nearing 15 cm (6 inches) in length. The two little ones I got 4 years ago. Quite a size difference!

So here we have a few old faces and a few new ones. There's a bunch more fish in the tank I can introduce to you, but let's save some for another time!

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