Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Planning plants

I injured my back a couple of months ago, making me more or less immobile for several weeks. Unfortunately this happened at the time when I should've started planting seeds for the summer's plants, so I missed the opportunity to grow my own seedlings.

Spring Cactus by Morrgan
At least we can enjoy pretty flowers indoors, like this spring cactus.

Thus there's nothing new and exciting on the balcony yet, but I plan to remedy that soon! Sellers at the market already have all sorts of pretty things for sale. I just need to decide on a colour scheme for the year. I'm leaning towards mostly large red flowers this summer, with a few small-flowered white ones for contrast. What do you think?

While I decide, I can enjoy and nurture the little bit of green that's already present on the balcony. The perennials have survived another winter and are waking up. Won't be long before they cover that whole corner!

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