Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meet Francis Raven

I love knitting ravens. Oh yes I do.

Meet tiny Francis Raven, younger brother of Ferdinand and Frederick. Francis shares not only his brothers' looks, but their love of chocolate chip cookies as well.

I just can't stop making these little guys and they seem to just get tinier and tinier. Little Francis here breaks the record with his whole 4.5 cm (1.75 in). Tiny creatures is what I started out with when learning to knit all those oh so many years ago and making them is still one of my favourite things to do. Hence the name of this blog and my shop, I suppose.

Want a tiny Francis of your own? My shop is just a click away!


Ben Can Dance said...

Yay! So cute. This reminds me of my favorite book from childhood called "are you my mother"....where the little bird falls out of the nest and goes around asking random things if they are his mother. :D


Sweet Spice said...

they are awesome!! I love them!!


Morrgan said...

Thank you both! Hehe, had to google that book and now I wish I'd had it as a kid. ;)

mdk jewelry designs said...

awww, how cute. Francis is just so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is great.

Ben Can Dance is right about the book. I have that book and read it to my boys. They love it.

Misti Kallas

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