Sunday, October 21, 2007

Something Fishy

Well, the weekend is over and I'm completely exhausted. I spent 9-10 hours each day at the garden where the aquarium exhibition was held, plus I helped set things up before and take them down after. Time for a long, looooong night's sleep, methinks.

The aquariums were set up in the garden's greenhouses in tropical environments, which is a pretty awesome way to show them off. The aquarium below is the one I brought there for display. It's my smallest one and the only inhabitants are Red Cherry shrimp. The little red blobs in the photo is all you'll see of my shrimp this time, unfortunately I didn't get a good photo up close (there are some very pretty pictures at the bottom of this page though, if you're curious).

The fish photos here are all of fish at the show I would have liked to bring home with me, but didn't as I suspect their owner would have noticed them missing. Especially as the pretty pleco to the left here for example costs around 50€ in shops.

I didn't come home empty-handed though, as there were fish, plants and other fishy stuff for sale too. I got a lovely school of 24 glowlight tetras, which should liven up a certain aquarium of mine that had mostly bottom-dwellers before.

The aquariums weren't the only thing to look at, as the garden is impressive on its own with plenty to enjoy.

Well, that's all the photos I am able to upload, as I'll fall asleep on the keyboard at any moment. Good night, internet.


ArtMind said...

I am actually surprised you were able to photograph those fish. They are SO fast! Great pictures!

Kreativlink said...

Great photos! There is one fish, it looks like he has a nose?!? :)

Morrgan said...

Thanks! It's fun to take fishy photos, although a bit tricky. ;)

Haha yes K, that's a spiny eel (Mastacembelus scientifically speaking), I believe they use their "nose" to dig in the bottom looking for food. :)

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