Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Finds: Felted goodness

It's time for Tuesday Find again! Every week I'll choose a theme and show off a few items I've found that fit that theme. The items will mainly be from Etsy shops, but can also be from other parts of the internet.

I'm a friend of wool, as you may have noticed, so this week's theme is felted items.

To start things off I chose this gorgeous felted necklace by ArtMind. The colours just work beautifully together. There are also many other necklaces in different colours and styles available in the shop, check them out too!
($12.50, ArtMind.etsy.com)

Karlita's beautiful scarves have been featured quite a few times around the internet, but I think they're definitely worth another showoff. I adore the contrast between the pretty pink and pitch black in this one. Take a look at her blog too, for she's currently running a contest where the prize is one of these scarves!
($30, karlita.etsy.com)

The last item this week is something I haven't tried myself yet, but which I'd like to: felted soaps. These pretty soaps by the funky felter look very tempting indeed.
($10, thefunkyfelter.etsy.com)


StaroftheEast said...

Lovely post again Morrgan!!!

X by Leina Neima said...

Lovely post, indeed. I love felt, felting, making felted soaps and all these featured artists :)

Heli said...

Lovely items you have chosen! Those felted soaps are great! :)

ArtMind said...

Ouch, thanks Morrgan! I love being in your blog :)
So sweet of you to heart felt and write about it! *hug*

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