Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Finds: Kitty Cats

I have no special story on how I ended up with this week's theme. I just found some cute kitties and wanted to show them off. So there.

The cat that started it all is this tiny turquoise feline, made from polymer clay. How much cuter can a kitty get? It's available from Endless Whimsy, along with many other cats and kittens in various colours and shapes.
($5, endlesswhimsy.etsy.com)

The previous kitty reminded me of one that has been among my Etsy favourites for a long time. 'Sleepy Kitten' by Vanessa Rodrigues is just too adorable. This kitty cat is available as a print from Ku-Ki Shop.
($10, kukishop.etsy.com)

The cat that sealed the deal for this week's theme was a vinyl wristlet with a sweet kitty and cherry blossoms applique. It's available from the aptly named Kitty Empire.
($22, kittyempire3.etsy.com)

Now I'd better go do something else, before I melt from cuteness overload.


X by Leina Neima said...

Meow - cute items! I LOOOOVE cats :9

ingermaaike said...

Cats are sooo lovable.

ArtMind said...

Guess who's sitting on my lap right now? :) Love cats!

Heli said...

No stories needed when you have cats to show :)
they are cute finds!

tatsuko said...

Love these cats - actually love alllll cats :) (I did the rats, you did the cats!)

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