Sunday, December 14, 2008

Need a fun, silly game? Also, an announcement!

First, a little announcement. Morrgan's Creatures will be closed for the holidays from Dec 20th 2008 and will fully reopen on Jan 7th 2009. This means my Etsy, Art Fire and DaWanda shops. Patterns will be available from Jan 2nd, the rest from Jan 7th. So, if you want to order something before next year, December 19th is the last day to place it. Just So You Know.

(Hopefully I'll get the chance to visit my blog and yours occasionally during this time. We'll see.)

Now for the fun fun stuff. Are you bored at work sometimes? In need of break?

Let me introduce you to QWOP. This silly little game made both Mr Morrgan and I actually Laugh Out Loud, many many times. How far can you get? (I made it to a whole 53 meters, such a proud moment.)


Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

I cannot get him off the finish line. :( I will try again later.

glasfaden said...

Oh, Morrgan, this game is too funny!!!
My boy is better than me. I only managed about 9m in a weird way. But he could once walked(!) up to 15m and kneeling even over 50m.
He gave me the tip to press O & W together first to walk. And then.. I forgot. To kneel press W and alternating O/P together. But maybe only he can do it, since I never managed it *lol*

glasfaden said...

Oh, Morrgan, I just tried to press W+O and then Q+P alternately and... he RAN!! Thought, I have to let you know :) Now off to bed. Good night!

Morrgan said...

Haha, congrats! :D I've only gotten him to run two or three steps, the rest of the time the style has been rather... imaginative. ;) But therein lies the fun!

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