Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sea Bisquit's Life

My apologies to those of you who found yourselves craving some Tuesday Finds yesterday. I am Officially Worn Out, zombielike and not very talkative (type-ative?) right now. I took the last of the pre-holiday orders to the post office yesterday and it seems that the knowledge that I am now free to relax immediately set off some kind of total inertia. I'll try to be good next week though.

So, instead of much typing, I thought I'd share another video of underwater coolness for your viewing pleasure. It shows the life cycle of sea bisquits (Clypeaster subdepressus), a creature I admit I had never heard of before. I found it fascinating, I hope you do too.

Mmmm, bisquits... *wanders off in a highly zombielike manner in search of nutrition*

1 comment:

Meekiyu said...

Wow... they spent a lot of time getting this video together. I give it five stars. Jazzy music and gastrulation? Only happens in the movies. Reminds me a lot of when I was in a Developmental Bio class and we observed frog embryos.. AMAZING video and animal pick as usual!

the word verification of today is "Bobemic" bob - anemic?

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