Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introducing the Pensive Goldfish and the Timid Turtle

The title above could make a pretty neat little story, don't you think? Or alternately a good name for a pub. I know I'd want to visit "The Pensive Goldfish" immediately, should such a place exist.

orange goldfish fridge magnet
I'm not starting a pub, however. This particular goldfish possessing a thoughtful nature happens to be one of my latest magnet designs. You might find the look familiar from Eustace the Tiny Goldfish - the brooding one is indeed similar and based on the same pattern. What is he pondering, I wonder? Whatever it is, he seems a bit worried. Poor thing.

green and yellow turtle fridge magnet
Fortunately he's not alone. His friend is a tiny magnetic turtle, and a timid one at that. He's not afraid of helping out a friend in need, though. Perhaps they can figure out goldie's troubles together?

(If the timid one also seems familiar, it's because he too is based on a previous design: Harald.)

Want to see more creature introductions?

1 comment:

matchstickgirl said...

i just adore your little creatures ...they all have such little sweet personalities

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