Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Zealand photos, part 2

Thought I forgot already, did you? Well I kinda did. But the rest of the photos are here now! As promised before, it's the awesome scenery we saw while on two of NZ's three scenic trains: the TranzCoastal and the TranzAlpine, both operating in the South Island.

The photos start off with ones from the TranzAlpine, travelling from Christchurch on the east coast to Greymouth on the west coast and back, complete with entertaining commentary on the scenery as you enjoy the ride. The last 4 are from going up north along the east coast with the TranzCoastal and travelling across to Wellington in the North Island via the Interislander ferry.

On the way to Greymouth it was absolutely pouring with rain and so windy that said rain was horizontal. It did however give us the chance to see rainbows and pretty waterfalls from the mountains.

Once we got close to Greymouth however, the weather began to clear up.

On the way back there were clear skies and warm sun most of the time. The weather couldn't have been better, as this way we got the chance to see completely different conditions in one trip.



While travelling along the coast, I spotted jumping dolphins several times. Yay! Also seals.

The only problem with this type of sightseeing is that you can't jump out and walk along the beach whenever you wish.

Mmmmmmm again.

I do like this water. Oh yes I do. (I suspect NZers must dump blue dye into the water. No water can be that gorgeously blue and turquoise and be real!)

So there you have it. A small selection from the 1000+ photos we ended up taking during the trip. I hope you enjoyed them!


Julia said...

Beautiful photos. I hope to be able to go to NZ some day. Did you go to both the South and North island? Which one was your favourite?

Morrgan said...

Thanks Julia! We did visit both, though we spent most of the time in Christchurch on the South Island, which is also the city I liked the best. It had a very nice feel to it and the South is also prettier scenery-wise, I think. I haven't seen the northern part of the North Island though, so I can't comment on that - I'm hoping to do that another time. :)

ArtMind said...

It's on my list even more now!
Belgium should get some of that dye for the beach here! ;)

Ryan said...

Beautiful photos, looks like it was a great trip

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