Thursday, June 10, 2010

Smoothies, perfect for summer time

It's my birthday! And Mr Morrgan the sweetie woke me up with coffee in bed and made French toast with lemon curd for breakfast. Yay and yum! =)

In other news, it's warm and lovely here again, after a week or so of colder weather, and we have been trying out old and new summery drinks. My current favourites for lunch are smoothies, especially nice when made with berries from my parents' garden and enjoyed on the sunny balcony. I thought I'd share a couple of recipes.

blackcurrant banana smoothie
I use frozen berries to get a nice cool drink, but fresh ones could be used too. Making them is very easy, just mix everything together with a blender. Simple, fast and yummy! For some fun and equally easy experimenting with flavours, try using different berries and juices.

Blackcurrant-Banana Smoothie (pictured)
2 bananas
1-2 dl (~1/2-4/5 cup) blackcurrants
1 tbsp honey
2,5 dl (1 cup) water

Berry Mix Smoothie
1 banana
1 dl (~1/2 cup) raspberries
1/2 dl (~1/4 cup) blackcurrants
2 dl fruit juice of your choice


Little Eve said...

Happy Birthday to you! and what a lovely way to start it.
A bit cold for smoothies here, though, my kids have been asking for some lately? Maybe i'll borrow one of these recipes. Thanks.

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a fun day. The smoothies look delicious! :)

Mami Made It said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing the recipes!

Stephanie said...

Yum!!!! Those smoothies sound great. Plus french toast with lemon curd is making me want to have a second breakfast

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