Friday, June 04, 2010

Introducing the Tiny Dragons - the first five

Here we go! The first five of the tiny dragons are ready for introductions. From the left to the right:

#1. Daisy - creamy white and grey
#2. Rupert - turquoise and teal
#3. Charles - grey and black
#4. Olivia - mossy green and dark green
#5. Elinor - pale beige and turquoise

I realized I really missed making dragons. My fingers were itching to make some. So create dragons I did. And more I shall create, because I also realized I want to make a huge collection of different ones. These five are the beginning of that collection. Each dragon will have a unique set of colours and they will get a signed hatching certificate with their name, number and date.

I have the following idea in mind. Every now and then I make a batch of 5 dragons. When they're ready to list, I post an introduction on this blog like the one above. During the following few days, I'll list them in numerical order in my Etsy shop. Should you happen to spot one you must have, let me know and I can reserve it for you.

You know, there's something very pleasing about creating a tiny dragon. There really is.

1 comment:

Blessed Rain said...

They are adorable!

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