Sunday, July 04, 2010

How my (Balcony) Garden Grows

flower box purple lobelia purple and orange pansies It's been a while since my previous "planty" post. The flower box (on the right) has filled out nicely in June and the pale purple lobelias are doing especially well. The most exciting thing at the moment can be seen below though - my first ever tomato is turning red! Yay!

I took the photo a few days ago and since then it has become a pretty orange red, turning a deeper red every day. I've got two tomato plants, each planted in their own plastic bucket (very convenient), and both have many many tomatoes on the way. They're supposed to be cherry tomatoes, but I think someone forgot to inform these plants of that fact - just look at the size of that first tomato!

cherry tomato
flower box with peas sweet peas radishes and marigolds My other growing edibles, these ones planted from seeds, are also coming along. In this flower box on the left I have edible peas planted together with sweet peas, both growing and climbing fast right now. Radishes and a few pathetic leaves of chives can be found in the pots. I also have marigolds growing here and there, both in the pots and box.

So, what's next? Well, this weekend I got my hands on a second big wooden box, about 50 litres in volume. =) I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to plant in it, but I'm leaning towards a bush or two of blueberries, together with a climbing plant with pretty flowers - maybe a Clematis or a rose, such as New Dawn? Suggestions are welcome!

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