Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday Finds: For the Garden

giant red cherry tomato Here it is, the tomato that was the greenish orange-yellow thing in the previous post. Once the process started, it didn't take long for my first ever homegrown tomato to turn a lovely bright red. Nor did it take long for us to eat it. =) Yum!

So, this week's Tuesday Finds are inspired by this giant cherry tomato - all sorts of neat things for the garden/gardener.


Star of the East said...

Congrats on your first tomato :)
May many more follow :)
Lovely finds!

Ann said...

Nice one!
I don't have a garden, but I grow my mini tomatoes on window sill. None of them red yet, but I hope it won't take long any more.

Deanna said...

I think my garden is the thing I miss the most about not having my own home. Aren't sun warmed tomatoes fresh out of the garden the best??

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