Monday, October 23, 2006

Cuteness Overload and Dinosaurs, Oh My

I got another Treasury list and filled it with cuteness! See it here and see it quick, for soon it will be gone.

In other news, I just finished my third Tommy. All three are tyrannosaurs, all are knitted and they're all called Tommy: Big Tommy, Little Tommy and Tiny Tommy. And no, there's nothing wrong with my imagination. It was just on vacation for a bit.

It all started with Big Tommy and a contest at deviantArt. I wanted to make the biggest softie I'd made yet for the contest and figured a T-rex would be perfect. I didn't quite plan on him becoming as big as he ended up though: 120 cm (4 ft) from nose to tail, needing 36 hours of knitting! You can find the original contest entry on dA, with more details on creation.

Let me introduce you to Big Tommy with the original description I wrote:

Here's Tommy the T-rex. He used to get teased for his pastel colours by the bigger, tougher T-rexes, the poor thing. He tried to fit in by growling menacingly and stomping around in a threatening fashion, but he didn't fool anyone. Everyone could tell he's really a cuddly big softie. Poor Tommy felt so alone, who would ever like a kind and cuddly Tyrannosaurus?

Fortunately everything turned out well in the end. Tommy found peace, happiness and acceptance once he got a job as a dinosaur kindergarten teacher and is now one of the little dino kids' favorite teachers.

Soon after the contest my Mom threatened to steal Tommy away, so I had to make her one - Little Tommy was born just in time for her birthday. Recently my brother started showing the same tendency, so Tiny Tommy was made for his birthday last week. Let's see what will happen for my Dad's birthday next month...

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Abbie said...

They are so cute!! and I have a yarn addiction too! Isn't Etsy a fabulous place to buy it??
:) Abbie

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