Friday, January 11, 2008

So what have I to show for these past weeks?

Hubby and I were away for a couple of weeks during Christmas and New Year, spending time with my family up north. Technically it was a vacation, but of course I couldn't leave my knitting needles alone for that long.

So, this short scarf in a delicious creamy white is one of the things I made during that time. Mostly while watching Top Gear, if I remember correctly. (That show is doing strange things to me. Suddenly I notice car models before the colour, cast lusty looks at Jaguar XKs and am considering getting a driver's licence. Pedestrians in Finland, you have been warned.)

Aaaanyway, back to the scarf. It's knitted from a wool/acrylic blend with my favourite cable pattern (the same that is used for this scarflette, for example). It's also available in my Etsy shop!

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