Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Finds: For the Kitchen

I'm not very interested in cooking. In fact, I consider cooking to mostly be a man's job, along with fixing computers and vaccuuming.

However, yesterday I braved new uncharted territories in the kitchen. I decided to make mayonnaise, flavoured with a bit of cayenne pepper and garlic. To my great surprise, it turned out rather well! I am a maker of mayonnaise!

Encouraged by this culinary victory, I thought I'd take a look online to find handmade items for the kitchen. One can not be a maker of mayonnaise and lack the necessary equipment. Hence the theme for this week's Tuesday Finds!

Let's start at the beginning. To make mayonnaise, I first need to get into the mood with the help of coffee, preferably served in a large, pretty cup. This lovely latte cup by Deb Babcock would be just perfect.
($22, dbabcock.etsy.com)

So, during the making of mayonnaise, spices are needed. What could be better than this magnetic spice rack with test tubes, made by purpose design, for a biologist like me in the kitchen?
($45, purposedesign.etsy.com)

Assuming the mayonnaise actually turns out edible, I need to serve it. I'd have to go for something like the beautiful whirl serving dish by Kim Westad, as it would make even my cooking attempts look great!
($180, kimwestad.etsy.com)


Heli said...

Congrats on your mayonnaise victory!
I agree, cooking is men's job though in my family there isn't that kind of man who could cook, so I am doomed to be a kitchen slave :/

Great finds!

Queen B. said...

haha, I guess there are more creative women with a man who cooks. So do I :)
But I'm a really baaaaad cook, so he has to cook himself if he wants anything decent to eat :)

Shannon said...

Congratulations, maker of mayonnaise! That swirly serving dish is lovely... a great find. :)

X by Leina Neima said...

Ooh, I loove cooking (but not every day) and making mayonnaise is such a fun..so, congrats on your big mayonnaise day and beautiful finds :)

Renate said...

I would not mind the cooking, if someone would say me what to cook each day. Oh, and also do the needed crocery shopping for it ...

Well ...dreams!

Enjoyed this post a lot! :)

glasfaden said...

*lol* You are SO right about those jobs! Congrats on your mayonnaise! I remember my mom made it herself too long time ago (it's quite an exciting process, as far as I can remember), but I've never made it. And those are great finds!

karlita said...

Morrgan - you choose some beautiful items - makes me want to make mayonaise also - just to buy these :)

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