Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why hello there, Year 2009

So much for updating during my vacation. I really should know by now that it never works. This time the failure was due to forgetting the flash drive with photos and already written posts at home. *sigh* With the limited internet opportunities I had, writing new posts from scratch wasn't really an option. (So come back next week for a new Christmassy-type muffin recipe. They're good after the holidays too.)

The vacation was good though! Much food, movies, food, jigsaw puzzles, food, socializing, food, food and even a bit of knitting. In other words, all that's needed for full on relaxation. Christmas presents were spot on too, like one of these wonderful Moccamaster Clubline things. Now I can make handmade goods while drinking coffee made with a handbuilt coffeemaker. How appropriate!

Oh, and after we'd gotten back, Mr Morrgan surprised me with a belated Christmas/happy new job/early 4th anniversary gift, posing with Phoebe here:

Isn't he so cuuuuuute? Mr Morrgan, you do love me!

(Check out Bubbletime Boutique for more soft sweeties!)

The previous year had its ups and downs, but as a whole 2008 was a pretty good year.

  • The Big News of the year was that I finally finished my Master's degree in cell biology. Woohoo!

  • Shopwise, sales almost doubled both online and offline compared to the previous year (didn't realise this until I finished up the books last week, quite a surprise!).

  • Mr Morrgan and I went on a trip overseas, for the first time in many years, and during that time I met many of my in-laws for the first time after over 3 years of marriage (both our families are an international bunch, so it can be tricky to arrange to be in the same country at the same time).

  • I finally got some carnivorous plants (which are slimy and well, by the way, remind me to show you a new photo later).

  • I finally donated blood. It's something I wanted to do for a long time. Hopefully I can manage doing it regularly from now on.

  • A day before going on my vacation, just in time for it to be a nice Christmas gift, I got a job as a research assistant at the same lab I worked at briefly earlier that year.

So yes, pretty good all in all. =)

Judging by the first week or so, I think 2009 will be an interesting year. It'll certainly put my juggling skills to the test, having to find time for both a full-time job and my business. There will likely be changes once I've figured out how it will work best. Stay tuned.

Have a great 2009, everyone!


Kreativlink said...

Looks like 2008 really was good to you. May 2009 be even better! :)

Meekiyu said...

Sounds like a great 2008! Congrats on the degree, job and trip! The little critters are so cute! Also great job with your store! Hope 2009 triples your luck =D

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