Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's time for gloves! Again!

I have been knitting a lot of fingerless gloves again. The latest pairs have been for custom orders and won't be shown here, but I have also been listing a few pairs for sale that I made during my holiday break. I was trying out new materials - beautiful luxurious wool blends with silk and bamboo, mostly - and I'm loving them! I thought it was about time I showed off a few pairs here. After all, this is supposed to mainly be my showing-off-knitted-things blog, not a muffin-recipes-and-plants blog.

red knitted bamboo wool fingerless gloves wrist warmers with cables These are all gloves I made in December, but didn't get around to photograph until weeks later.

This red pair is one of my favourites. It's made from an oh so soft wool-bamboo blend (which i LOVE) and just look at that red! It's perfect for adding a bit of colour to an otherwise bleak winter season.

knitted beige and white wool silk fingerless gloves with cables

I listed these fingerless gloves just minutes ago in my Etsy shop. I have made pairs in a similar colour scheme for this cabled style in bamboo before, but this pair is made from an extra soft wool-silk blend. It's just delicious, if I can use such a word, both to knit with and to wear.

knitted striped arm warmers wrist warmers fingerless gloves in a beige and brown bamboo cotton blend
Last up today we have a pair of striped arm warmers in a bamboo-cotton blend. Comfortable to wear, fun to knit. These actually sold already, but keep an eye on my shop if you like what you see - I'm making another similar pair, with the colours inverted. They won't be finished until after the custom orders are done though, so be prepared to wait a week or two.

And that's enough shameless advertising for now. :D Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


How to Crochet said...

This is an impressive post....great work keep it continue.....

Morgan the Muse said...

Those are amazing. Seriously. I want a pair... :(

And, uhm... I gave you an award. If you want it. If you do not, then be free to ignore this. :D

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Adams Young said...

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