Saturday, January 24, 2009

From winter wonderland to junglelike greenery

winter snow Hey ho, there's snow! Finally there's a bit of wintery wonderland to enjoy around here.

Inside the apartment however, there's plenty of greenery to contrast the crisp white view through the window. I promised you photos of the carnivores earlier, but as I had the camera handy I took photos of another one as well, which surprised us with a pretty red flower. I guess it likes it around here?

episcia kuparilehti
An Episcia of some sort.

As for the carnivores, I'm happy to say they have grown and thrived since the last update. They are now about 3.5 months old and the largest are about 2-2.5 cm (a little under an inch) tall and wide. Just look at that slime!

Drosera capensis kapmaankihokki
Drosera capensis, the bane of fungus gnats.

Drosera capensis kapmaankihokki
A tiny forest of DOOM.


glasfaden said...

Woww! You have a green thumb! They look really good.

Meekiyu said...

o wow those are some great plants I've always wanted a venus's fly trap but those are a bit hard to take care of for me... no green thumb here.. =D

Morgan the Muse said...

They look great!

Cate Holst said...

Snow, I'm jealous! It's boiling hot here in Australia and the snow looks so cool. Fab plants and flowers too

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