Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flowery DIY Projects: Brooches

It's time for another crafty idea for my crocheted flowers! Here's a brief tutorial on how to use them to make brooches.

(For more ideas, check out the Flowery DIY Projects section.)

To start things off, here are a few examples to show the different sizes. The purple/pink brooch uses a large and a medium flower, while the beige/white and brown/orange are made with medium and small ones. The blue one, made with a large and a small flower, is used as an example in the tutorial below. The tiny buttons are 8-11 mm (5/16-7/16 in) in diameter.

Here's what you'll need: scissors, some tiny buttons, a needle, thread, safety pins or preferably proper pin back or bar pins, and of course some crocheted flowers.

Pick a couple of flowers and a matching tiny button - in this case a small dark blue flower, a large light blue flower and an iridescent blue vintage button. Pull a length of thread through the middle of the flowers, through the button holes and back through the flowers again.

Pull the thread tight to form the brooch.

Place the brooch pin on the back, loop the thread around it. Pull the thread through the flowers and button and around the pin a few more times until all parts are securely in place. Sew the pin in place with a few stitches. All done!

(A proper pin back would work better, but I had none available. A small safety needle will do the trick if need be, though.)


La Alicia said...

those brooches are too cutie!

ArtMind said...

SO cool! I have been making some crocheted flowers too lately. So much fun to tackle a little project instead of big and warm afghans! ;)

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