Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space: Django Ponies and Captain's Chairs

pegasus django pony pink white Mr Morrgan is a web developer and spends all his day with things like Django and Python. He's been rather excited about it and after showing me a picture of Django's unofficial magic pony mascot, I was excited too. Who wouldn't be excited about a flying, magical pink pony? About instantly I decided Mr Morrgan needed his own magical Django pony to help him out at work.

If you haven't heard of these terms before, perhaps this explanation may be of use. Mr Morrgan has tried several times to explain Django to me and I have also tried googling it, with little success. (Frameworks? High-level pythons? What?) This morning over coffee, however, he explained it to me beautifully with the help of Lego. It went something like this: if C is the plastic, metal and rubber used to make Lego, Python is the basic Lego pieces and Django the fancy, moulded special bits you can use to make neato space stations. Et voilà, it made perfect sense to me, who spent her childhood making über-cool secret bases, robots and said space stations out of Lego.

pegasus django pony pink white Onwards to the point! Meet Dee, Mr Morrgan's magic Django pony! She's knitted and crocheted from a wool blend, using the pattern for Hubert for the body. The wings are the part I'm really proud of, though. When I started on the first one, I still had no idea how to do them. But it all came almost automatically as I was working and they turned out even better than I had hoped. Joy!

By the way, the chair in the photos is one of my favourite places to sit and knit and is also where I made most of Dee. I think it's a fantastic piece of furniture. Look at the shape! The gorgeous red colour! Best of all, it spins and rocks and adjusts! Awesome!

pegasus django pony pink white Mr Morrgan doesn't agree, however. He thinks it looks like a prop from Star Trek of the 60s - hence we call it the Captain's Chair (we joke that I should get a Captain's Log to go with it). He wasn't too happy when I spotted it in a 2nd hand place just as they brought it in, but I vetoed his opinion. This chair is MINE and perfectly illustrates why I love going hunting for finds in 2nd hand shops.

I now await with trepidation when he'll use his veto right on my opinion of a piece of home decor, but it was worth it.

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kulta-kulta said...

That is a gorgeous chair! And a very cute pony! :)

Anonymous said...

Dee is so adorable, and it brings smiles! Looks like it likes the chair.

Ooty said...

This pony is super cute!!! And the chair is lovely, my mother goes all around the world searching for chair this style =D

Belinda Saville said...

I adore your pony, Morrgan...she is just the cutest thing! Nice chair too...looks so comfy ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are most welcome anytime! :-)

anka said...

Lovely story and lovely pony! And you are right, who wouldn't want a magical pony at their side?
Have a great one!

cabin + cub said...

oh she is cute!!! ;)

AdobeSol said...

Wow! Your work is incredible! Cute pony... Looking forward to following.

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