Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Balcony Garden: Time for Yellow

Yikes, it's already August?? Where did the summer go. ._.

On the positive side, August is when the balcony looks its best, if everything's gone well. We were away from home quite a lot in July and the plants would have wanted more water than they got because of this, but the balcony is still looking better than last year.

One recent development is that the yellow flowers have finally opened! Here's the first sunflower:

This one is called Black-Eyed Susan, a pretty vine that climbs among my woodbine.

I like to have the colour scheme change a bit as the seasons change, so the timing of these is perfect. Nevertheless, the overall impression of my little green corner is still red/orange and green:

Very pleased with how it's turned out this year. =)

There's still 3 more sunflowers that haven't started flowering yet and the Black-Eyed Susan has only just gotten started, so it'll be interesting to see how the view changes this month.


ira said...

The colours is absolutely beautiful!:)

obgyn gilbert said...

Simply stunning!

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