Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A shiny new look for the blog!

Well lo and behold, the Morrgan's Creatures blog has a completely new look! What do you think?

Originally I just wanted some of those neat easy-to-share-in-one-click buttons on every post. However, my old blog template was really, really, REALLY old, so getting them to work required a template change. Once I committed to that I decided I may as well do a complete overhaul. It was about time and I wanted to make the blog neater, prettier and easier to navigate.

I may have been a bit silly though. I could have sworn I made a backup of the old blog template before I began the changes, but now that file is nowhere to be found. So, dear readers, I need your help. I have tried to add all the relevant features and links my old blog had, but can't be sure I got it all right.

Is there anything you really liked about the old blog that's missing from the new design? Or maybe there's a completely new feature you'd like to see? If so, please let me know!

1 comment:

tina bunston said...

Looking good! I wish mine looked as good. Overhauling a blog seems a mite daunting!

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