Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New in September: Knotwork fingerless gloves

purple fingerless gloves wrist warmers arm warmers

Just in time for the chilly days autumn, I bring you stylish handwear!

It's been a while since my shop last had gloves listed, but now they're here again! I promised new designs early this year and here's the first of them: knotwork fingerless gloves.

They feature the intricate cabled knotwork I so adore, both to look at and to make, originally inspired by Viking and Celtic knotwork. The darker pairs especially have something deliciously gothic about them. All in all, I'm very pleased with this style.

The design would look fantastic as a full pair of mittens as well - if you're interested in a pair, contact me via my Etsy shop!

dark grey gothic fingerless gloves wrist warmers arm warmers

I have more new fingerless gloves to show soon! I spent the summer sourcing lovely new yarns for handwear and have been knitting like a madwoman this past month or so. Stay tuned!

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