Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunflowers, happy and grumpy

"Yay!" say the happy sunflowers. "There's sun and warmth and all is well in the world!"

"How suspicious", say the grumpy sunflowers. "No flower can be that happy all the time. It's unnatural. ¬¬"

"Yay, look!" say the happy ones. "Friends! Grumpy perhaps, but still friends! Yay!"

"Ack!" say the grumpy ones. "They've seen us! They'll be all positive at us!"

knitted sunflower magnets
And so on. Will the happy ones ever see the icky side to rain? ("Yay! Drink for us thirsty ones!") Will the grumpy ones ever appreciate the joy of sun? ("We'll become TOAST if this keeps up. ¬¬") Get them for your fridge and perhaps you'll find out. Or get just a happy one to light up your day. Or a grumpy one, if you see to many smiles every day.

1 comment:

glasfaden said...

SO cute!!!! Esp. the right one - I think, it looks like me sometimes *lol*

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