Friday, June 26, 2009

Things that grow and thrive. Plus a new creature!

balcony flowers pansies dahlias phlox There are chairs! And more flowers! And a box with planted radish and spinach seeds!

Project Wonderful Balcony goes forward. Next up will be a small table to put between the chairs and which will carry the smaller basket, now on the other chair in the photo.

radishes The green window box, barely visible on the bottom right, was more a spur-of-the-moment kinda thing. I really, really wanted to plant some seeds. Like, really. So I got a box, some radish and spinach seeds, and did indeed plant some seeds. They have grown well, my little pretties. The speedy radishes showed themselves in just a few days (the photo on the right shows them the day they came up, the one on the left shows them a day later) and a few tiny spinach plants have made themselves known today.

radishes (Seriously though, where do such absolute desires come from, anyway? "Today, I must plant some seeds! YES!" Is this entirely sane?)

knitted frog in pale purple phlox Already I have spent several evenings in the beginnings of my little balcony garden. Mostly reading, but a few days ago I made this little guy, Edmund the Frog. As you can see on the right, he immediately approved of the flowers.

(Gardener-Morrgan's Hint of the Day: The Phlox he's hiding in has a lovely scent.)


Meekiyu said...

great job with the balcony! The flowers and chairs and veggies are a great combo and of course mister frog... =D

glasfaden said...

A sweet balcony!!! Ha! I know exactly that 'Today, I must plant some seeds'-feeling, even if I tolf myself it's enough the day before :)
Clever Edmund.. hiding in a lovely, nice smelling bush! I didn't know, Phlox has a scent.

glasfaden said...

*told instead of tolf, of course ;)

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