Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Glove-Knitting Frenzy

I've been knitting things in batches lately. First it was the monster scarves, then creature magnets, then hearts gone wild and now, fingerless gloves!

It's funny, but knitting is the one thing I can do after work in the evenings. Work has been busy lately and I've had basically no energy left after I get home. I blob down on the sofa and turn on some nice music while my brain turns itself off. However, subconsciously my hands reach for the needles and yarn and get to work. Eventually, some gloves appear! Zen knitting?

Anyway, most of these are my usual styles, but I also made a new kind of fingerless glove based on requests my customers have made for custom orders. This new style, based on my previous design for fingerless gloves including the striping, now features a longer cuff and thumb. I'll be making more of these, as well as the older styles, from different materials and colours, all on the whim of my subconscious zombie brain. Keep an eye on the Etsy shop for more!

1 comment:

Morgan the Muse said...

Those are beautiful, seriously. Keep up the good work!

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