Saturday, September 15, 2007

The scarf is finished!

Today I have been 'enjoying' some totally freaky weather - warm, full sunshine one moment, and miserable rain and freezing wind the next. Fun, fun, fun. But hey, at least I got a reason to wear my green gloves for the first time this autumn.

Speaking of autumn and cold weather, here's that scarf I mentioned yesterday! All finished and listed in my shop. As the photo shows, each side has different cabled patterns - one big cable on one side and two small ones on the other. I'm happy with the look, it turned out just as I had imagined, and it was a fun project overall. It was also the most efficient project so far in terms of yarn use, as the only leftovers from the two balls of yarn were three inch-long bits of yarn.

So, now that this is finished, what do I make next... *ponders*

(And how do I stop myself from buying more of that lovely yarn...)


HEWY said...

Nice design!

Nora said...

That scarf is so pretty, I can't wait for cold weather!

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