Friday, September 07, 2007

The showing off begins

It's time to show off a bit of what I made during the vacation! I finally took some photos and listed a new pair of armwarmers in my Etsy shop. These armwarmers are beige with black stripes, knitted from a soft wool on double-pointed needles. I'm quite pleased with how the ribbing shows up with a light colour like this.

In other news, I found the loveliest acrylic yarn today, in shades of white, beige, brown and gray. It's just soooo pretty and tempting. I know I shouldn't. What would I make with it? Don't I already have a tower of yarn, nearly collapsing from its own bulk?


Will I be able to resist? Well, if I won't, you'll find out through this blog soon enough.


fernfiddlehead said...

Very elegant. I love them.

femputer said...

these are so cool!

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