Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Finds: BioShock

This week's theme might be a more obscure one for many of you. BioShock is a video game that includes some of my favourite concepts: a crumbling underwater utopia, a visual style combining Art Deco and futuristic elements, plus a wonderful soundscape - all mixed together with genetic engineering gone wrong to create a survival horror game. All in all, it's very enjoyable. The screenshots on the right and below will hopefully give you an idea of the atmosphere.

Now, on to this week's finds. The item that started my reminiscing about BioShock is this steampunk wire ring by Catherinette Rings. (The screenshot above will give a clue as to why.) While this ring is the most appropriate for this week's theme, there are so many fantastic rings in a similar style to choose from in the shop that I just can't pick a favourite.
($40, CatherinetteRings.etsy.com)

Next up is a glass pendant featuring a 1933 Chicago World's Fair poster by ArtsNcharms. The pendant is two-sided, with sheet music on the back. In BioShock, you come across lovely Art Deco-style posters like this one, yet another thing I enjoy about the game.
($10, ArtsNcharms.etsy.com)

The third and last find for the week is another beautiful ring, made from an antique silver spoon with an Art Deco design. Revisions Design Studio has many more to choose from as well.
($18.50, Revisions.etsy.com)


Kala Pohl Studio said...

The rings are great finds:) Thanks for sharing.

Star of the East said...

Never heard about Bioshock before but your findings are great!

Kreativlink said...

Woah! My son is the gamer in the family, I usualy only allow me one game around christmas. (I become very easily addicted :)
BioShock! *makes note*

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