Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Finds: Mammoths

Mammoths? Why mammoths? Well, I'll be posting the explanation in just a little while. In the mean time, enjoy these cool prehistoric finds! I really do like shops that remember extinct animals as well. I also really do like these shops because they are awesome, so browse around them for a bit - you won't be disappointed.

Halloween is coming up soon, right? It wasn't celebrated when I was a kid and still isn't a very big thing around here, so I have trouble remembering when it is. Aaanyway, if it was celebrated here, I be sure to use these Showgirl Mammoth cards (along with the Triceratops Pirate cards, oh yes) by Melissa Bumstead of Smitten Invitations.
($2.50, mbumstead.etsy.com)

Have you ever heard of a Woolly Mam Moth? Neither had I until I stumbled upon the one by Joe Havasy. And had I heard the name only, I wouldn't have expected something so cute.
($13, joehavasy.etsy.com)

At Puzzimals, you can find hundreds of different wooden puzzle designs, mostly animals. The beautiful shapes are spot-on. The huge selection includes for example pets, fantasy creatures and prehistoric animals like this neat-looking Woolly Mammoth.
($12, Puzzimals.etsy.com)

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