Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Finds: Yummy Soap

Long time no see, Tuesday Finds. It's been a while, with all that travelling last month. But here they are again and this time I'm showing off soap. More specifically, soap that looks so good I might just eat it.

I'm starting things off with my favourite... well, everything really: chocolate. I can seriously see myself taking a bite out of Morgan Street's dangerously delicious-looking ChocoTherapy Soap. That deep rich colour, that (I imagine) irresistable scent... *sigh*
($5, morganstreet.etsy.com)

Here's something that looks like a great gift idea: the Neapolitan Soapsicle from Soapylove. Each layer is scented the classic Neapolitan way: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Yum!
($8, soapylove.etsy.com)

Finally, may I tempt you with a slice of (soap) cake? This one has a scent "reminiscent of a fruity gin drink". Really, how can you not try to eat SudsMuffin's soap cakes?
($6 per slice, SudsMuffin.etsy.com)

Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to go find some cake.


ArtMind said...

I just love handmade soap! I have been using some from daisycakesoaps and they are just delicious!!! :)
Should try some of these next time! :)

Brandon said...

Wow, such pretty yummy soap!

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